Chemical and cosmetic industry

The list of equipment for chemical and cosmetic industry:

Arol S.p.A (Itaalia) 
Capping machines (prethreated caps, aluminium, natural cork, crown etc. caps), cap lifts.

Enercon Industries Ltd (England)
Inductive sealing equipment.

Formeca Oy (Finland)
Tray and box forming equipment, packing machines.

MasoSine GmbH (Germany)
Pumps for sensitive products, with particules or foming products.                                                                                   

Orfer Oy (Finland)
Robot systems, pallet loading, unloading, fully automated robot solutions.

Norden Machinery AB (Sweden)
Tube filling machines, tray packing systems, case and cartooning machines, pick-place product transfer.

Secomak Ltd (England)
Air tunnels, air knifes, blowers.

Tankki Oy (Finland)
Stainless steel tanks, ice-water preparation equipment