Homogenizing and Emulsifying

Different mixing and stirring units for production of mayonnaise, salad dressings, ketchup, baby food, ready meals, jam and many other products.


A homogenizer is a class of mixing equipment designed to produce a stable mixture of liquid and solid materials. In the demanding healthcare, personal care and pharmaceutical industries, homogenization controls the production operating regime and the correct concentration of the product.

Cookers, mixers

Process machines for products with different viscosity, combining working steps of cutting, mixing, emulsifying in one unit.


Ultra fine, fine and coarse wet grinding mills, individually or in combination, from lab to industrial scale.

Cup and bucket filling

Fully automatic rotary or linear type fillers for dosing and sealing round or rectangular cups, as well buckets. 


Bottle unscramblers for any industry in different production levels. From low to high speed lines are suitable for a wide variety of plastic bottle shapes and sizes.

Cup filler

Cup fillers and dosing systems for pate, meat jelly etc. Sealing with pre-cut lid or foil from the reel.

Pouch filling

Filling machines and pasteurisation tunnels for premade pouches.

Tube filling

Tube filling solutions for plastic, laminate and metal tubes.


Filling into glass or plastic containers

Flowmetric, piston and vacuum filling solutions for liquid, semiliquid and pasty products.

Washing, bottling and capping solutions for large-format containers

Combined complete automatic washing, bottling and capping solutions for large-format containers.

Rinsing, bottling and capping solutions into glass, cans and PET

Rinsing, bottling and capping technologies in the sector of water and beverage, beer, wine and spirit. Solutions with all types of containers (glass, cans, PET and other polymers) and all the most common closure systems.

Filling and capping

Filling and capping solutions mainly for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Semi or fully automatic machines, monoblock solutions, complete production lines. 

Can and bottle drying solutions

Drying solutions for cans and bottles.

Filling to trays, rectangular or round cups

Rotary or linear filling machines. Using different dosing systems in the same machine is making possible to fill various products. Mobile dosing solutions will guarantee fast changeover times. Packing material pre-cut or from the roll. Vacuum/gas solutions.