Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry


A homogenizer is a class of mixing equipment designed to produce a stable mixture of liquid and solid materials. In the demanding healthcare, personal care and pharmaceutical industries, homogenization controls the production operating regime and the correct concentration of the product.


Ultra fine, fine and coarse wet grinding mills, individually or in combination, from lab to industrial scale.

Tube filling

Tube filling solutions for plastic, laminate and metal tubes.


Filling and capping

Filling and capping solutions mainly for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Semi or fully automatic machines, monoblock solutions, complete production lines. 

Induction Sealing

Induction cap sealing equipment.

Combined labeling

Universal labeling machines to apply different type of labels in the same machine. Solutions for plastic or glass containers, cans and jars by application technology: self-adhesive paper, plastic or transparent adhesive labels, hot melt and cold glue pre-cut labels, roll-fed hot melt and pre-glued labels, shrinkable labels.

Self-adhesive labels

Automatic labeling machines with different technical features and multiple applications, selected according to the type, shape, size and material of the containers. Labeling solutions for front/back, top/bottom, three-sided, wraparound and seal applications.

Tray and case packing robots for tubes

Tray and case packing robots for tubes provides the possibility of packing filled tubes in vertical or horizontal position to different types of trays and cases. Tubes with stand-up/down cap, flat lying tubes, trays with or without plastic inserts, lid to the tray, packing to American boxes etc.

Cartoning machines for tubes

Cartoning machine for packaging tube into the carton box. Machines are designed for various production speed and product sizes to meet cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry standards.  

Cartoning machines for cosmetic applications

Designed to run the most delicate cartons from the cosmetic market including special carton with a 5th panel or internal divider. Packing for bottles, lipstick, mascara, compact powder or other products.


X-ray inspection systems provide effective protection against contamination and quality defects on various products. Dedicated solutions for individual industry sectors.