Meat Industry

Cup filler

Cup fillers and dosing systems for pate, meat jelly etc. Sealing with pre-cut lid or foil from the reel.


Industrial pasteurization and sterilization solutions, with extensive product range and adaptability to different types of packaging: jars, cans, bottles, trays, pouches etc.


Homogeneous mixing or seasoning of product.

Forming machine

Forming machine forms product to right shape and performs exact portioning onto conveyor belt.


Breading and coating equipment suitable for applying different consistencies to the product, liquid materials of various viscosity, fine and coarse-grained coatings.

Frying, roasting, contact cooking

Universal ovens for frying, roasting or contact cooking, using both fatless roasting, contact cooking technology or hot air processing. Contact cooker for small production needs.

Cooling, freezing

The spiral technology freezer is a machine for cooling and shock-freezing.


X-ray inspection systems provide effective protection against contamination and quality defects on various products. Dedicated solutions for individual industry sectors.