Dairy Industry

Cookers, mixers

Process machines for products with different viscosity, combining working steps of cutting, mixing, emulsifying in one unit.

Cup and bucket filling

Fully automatic rotary or linear type fillers for dosing and sealing round or rectangular cups, as well buckets. 

Pouch filling

Filling machines and pasteurisation tunnels for premade pouches.


Industrial pasteurization and sterilization solutions, with extensive product range and adaptability to different types of packaging: jars, cans, bottles, trays, pouches etc.

Automatic packing machines for cups

Fully automatic packing machines, case, tray, multiple layers or wrap around solutions. Tray erectors for high speed solutions. 

Packing and loading robots

Robotic systems for packing single products to the tray´s or boxes as well fully automated packing solutions and lines for pallets. 


X-ray inspection systems provide effective protection against contamination and quality defects on various products. Dedicated solutions for individual industry sectors.