Ready meal, Soups-Salads, Mayonnaise, Mustard

Homogenizing and Emulsifying

Different mixing and stirring units for production of mayonnaise, salad dressings, ketchup, baby food, ready meals, jam and many other products.


Ultra fine, fine and coarse wet grinding mills, individually or in combination, from lab to industrial scale.

Tube filling

Tube filling solutions for plastic, laminate and metal tubes.


Filling into glass or plastic containers

Flowmetric, piston and vacuum filling solutions for liquid, semiliquid and pasty products.

Filling to trays, rectangular or round cups

Rotary or linear filling machines. Using different dosing systems in the same machine is making possible to fill various products. Mobile dosing solutions will guarantee fast changeover times. Packing material pre-cut or from the roll. Vacuum/gas solutions. 

Twist-off closure

Closing of glass containers with Twist-Off, Press-On or Orbit type of lids.

Capping solutions

Machines to apply plastic or metal caps.  

Induction Sealing

Induction cap sealing equipment.


Industrial pasteurization and sterilization solutions, with extensive product range and adaptability to different types of packaging: jars, cans, bottles, trays, pouches etc.

Combined labeling

Universal labeling machines to apply different type of labels in the same machine. Solutions for plastic or glass containers, cans and jars by application technology: self-adhesive paper, plastic or transparent adhesive labels, hot melt and cold glue pre-cut labels, roll-fed hot melt and pre-glued labels, shrinkable labels.

Self-adhesive labels

Automatic labeling machines with different technical features and multiple applications, selected according to the type, shape, size and material of the containers. Labeling solutions for front/back, top/bottom, three-sided, wraparound and seal applications.

Root and vegetable processing

Machinery and processing lines for the fresh-cut industry. Peeling machines, washing and drying systems.


X-ray inspection systems provide effective protection against contamination and quality defects on various products. Dedicated solutions for individual industry sectors.